Hosting Crack Down Project Code (CVeronica 119)

PLEASE READ THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CAREFULLY, WE ARE NOT BEAR ANY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT DELETION  (Project Effective started 13/04/2021) Dear Clients,    With this announcement, the VIN & Xsinor Cyber Abuse Team corporate this project to improve server security, IP reputation and crack down the unsafe website. For client who received ...

Schedule WHM/CPanel Update Project (CV 96.0.0) (Postponed)

Dear Clients, 

 Due we find out a problem after update version 96. So that we have postpone the update until the cpanel release stable version. 


Thank you


Xsinor Operation Team


Strictly Policy Update

Effective 19/03/2021,    The policy of Term of Usage is more strictly for whom using the server to perform Phishing Attack, Malware, Viruses and any kind of related harmful content and email user shall be suspended and terminate the service. NO ANY EXCUSE IS ACCEPTABLE! For reseller whom try to add back the banned or unsuspend user as well. ...

Schedule Update Premium and Free Server (CV:94.0.2)

Dear Beloved Clients,  With this announcement, the Premium and Free server will be in schedule for update: code (CV:94.0.2)   Change Log for 94.0.2 Date Maintenance: 03-03-2021, 11am (Malaysia Time GMT+8) Fixed case CPANEL-35825: Clarify description of Configuration Cluster interface. Fixed case CPANEL-35836: Rebuild the dovecot ...